The city of Anniston is a growing mecca that is the ideal place to call home for any family looking for change and new opportunities. Located near the Mountain Longleaf National Reservation, Anniston, Weaver and Oxford cities all provide welcoming environments that are perfect to raise a family in. Improving educational systems and a diversifying economy are making Anniston a fast growing city for citizens to be proud of.

Anniston boasts strong job opportunities in healthcare, social assistance, manufacturing and retail trade. The city announced plans to continue to even further diversify and improve the job force in 2015, putting it on the map for many families who are on the move. Various education opportunities are also available to meet any educational desires a family may have. Anniston is proud to have seven public schools as well as three different private school for you to choose the best learning environment for your child. With so many exciting opportunities, Anniston is becoming the perfect place for a family to grow with the city. Visit Anniston today to determine if this is the perfect place for you and your family to call home!